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Depending on where you are based we are able to send you a swatch pack for the postal charge of R100  (ZAR local)  or USD $15 for international postage (payable via paypal

1. What does MOQ mean? Minimum Order Quantity.

2. When do MOQ’s apply? If a fabric is in stock, an MOQ of 1m applies.

If there is not local stock, then we have to get more fabric from the mill and the following MOQ’s apply:

Handloom Fabrics: 50m

Knits Fabrics: 20m

Woven Fabrics: 20m

Special made ups: 500-1200m depending on quality

Specific Herbal dyed shades using base fabric collection listed: 100m

3.What shades are available? All listed Fabrics are available in GREIGE / SUNWHITE (natural bleached) ; GOTS Bleach White; and a range of herbal dyes (as listed) & GOTS low impact dyes

4. What fabrics can you source for the customer? We are able to source and supply specified certified organic fabrics. We have a range of global certified projects, farms, mills & manufacturers with whom we are partners, ranging from the areas of India, Africa, & the sub-continental islands. Depending on your request we select the best option and supply you with up to date quotes.

5. What is a CLUBBED/ BATCH ORDER? We have the option for you to combine your order with other ongoing orders to accommodate smaller orders


Fabrics once sold, will not be taken back.

Initial payment for fabric due in advance & remainder before delivery

Payments are requested as bank transfer direct to ZAR account at current ROE

Rates are ex-works from partner mill & Packing, Shipping & Handling will be calculated on customers request & added to the final invoice.


Labdips: Will be ready 14 days after advance payment has been received. A further 14 days needs to be assigned for postage, depending on destination of the order.

Fabric production: 30-40 days after Labdips approved

Delivery: 30-60 days SEA freight

: 5-15 days AIR freight

Please note that our countdown begins from the day we receive the advance in our bank account


Fabrics once sold, will not be taken back.

100% payment due in advance for ready stock.

Transportation extra, depending on destination location

Payments are requested as bank transfer direct to ZAR account at current ROE


Allow 3 days for packing prior to sending (once payment has been received)

Depending on courier choice:

LOCAL: Overnight  OR 3-4 working days

INTERNATIONAL: 7-10 working days

8. CMT SERVICES (Fashion & Home Decor) 

Do you offer CMT services? We offer a CMT service for FASHION & HOME DECOR PRODUCTS, including: pattern making, sampling, printing & production runs, using our range of ORGANIC FABRICS. We will oversee the entire process from conceptualisation phase through to end of product production, for small – med sized runs.

9. What is the MOQ for garments & products in CMT service? 20 pieces per style

10. What do I need to supply to have a garment / garment range made up? You need to supply us with a sample ; technical drawing / tech pack of the garment(s).

11. What do I need to supply to have a towelling/ bedding range made up? You need to supply us with a sample or technical drawing of the item. Full size & layout of each item as well as seam-allowance details.

11. How much does it cost to have a garment manufactured? We will need to quote per individual design

(Set up costs are once off costs applicable per style)

Cost per unit ex  VAT

Basic  R250,00
Medium  R350,00
Complex R450,00

GRADING  per size  R100,00

DIGITISING  per pattern  R400,00

MARKER / RATING  per size  R100,00

CMT per item(s) TBC

MOQ 20 pcs per style across sizes

Fabric cost at wholesale price per meter

We have a range of designs readily available

There is an initial charge per style when using our existing designs (once of fee per style)
Please note we only deal with certain items, and decision will be made based on a visual presentation of pattern / design ideas


PhotoGanic specialises in small run digital printing.

We are able to print any digital image you supply onto all of our fabrics. We also have a gallery of images / designs which you may choose from.

Price : approx R400-R500 ex VAT per square meter depending on the print. Plus a R180 ex VAT set up fee.

Please see Print & CMT for more info

14. When Can I buy fabric at WHOLESALE
Wholesale price applies to clients, when they:

1. Order 25+ of one fabric quality
2. If we are printing / making up garments for the clients

We generally do not sell any fabrics at wholesale price when the above 2 points do not apply, but we offer them our PhotoGanic Collaboration option

This is when we come to a collaborative agreement in terms of price / marketing / etc.

You as the Designer will:

1. Advertise that the fabrics have been supplied by PhotoGanic (and if any digital printing / manufacture / design has been done on our part) then this is also mentioned, or
2. Place our GOTS certified PhotoGanic swing tag on your items
3. Advertise the use of the PhotoGanic | Organic Fabrics process on website, social media etc
We as PhotoGanic will:
1. Offer designers items as pieces we have collaborated in the making of and would put them up in the COLLABORATION section of our site
2. Sell / advertise / market collaborative items on our online store, receiving 25%-30% of the retail price for this marketing/selling

We have a lot of traffic to the site offering a great opportunity for marketing your products while your brand grows, we also gain equally from the exposure on your side, and most importantly the word about sustainable fabrics, fashion & lifestyle spreads ever further and wider!!
The decision to move forward in this way will be based on a presentation of your product / ideas

16. Where do our fabrics come from?
Our certified supply plants are dotted around the globe. We hold close & longstanding relationships with our various supply partners and endeavour to constantly build on our offerings through ongoing investigation of both our current suppliers as well as always looking for new and exciting projects & partnerships. We only partner with suppliers who are GOTS certified, offering transparency in their ethics and value chain.
& sub continental islands

See Care Instructions for more info

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