Global Organic Textile Standard
recognised as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide. It defines high level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain of organic textiles and requires compliance with social criteria as well. All phases of organic fibre and fabric production must be inspected and certified according to GOTS’ strict, uniform standards in order to obtain the certification label “organic”.

PhotoGanic | Organic Fabrics is a certified Organic Fabrics trader



We are audited every 24 months by Control Union ensuring you the best quality Organic Fabrics.

This means that each link in the value chain, from non-GMO seed & farming practices, through to the spinning, the ginning, the weaving & knitting, the dyeing, the folding, rolling, the packing and the sending of the fabrics that we deliver to you, is ALL 100% Certified.

The organic value chain is one of transparency & integrity and it is vital that each link in the chain is audited and certified in order to ensure quality, environmental & social responsibility.

Please note that not all of our fabrics are GOTS certified.

Our Handloom range is made from 100% cotton, sometimes containing a small % of organic cotton in its composition, but not always. The ethical value of The Handloom range lies in the social upliftment of the weavers, gained through the handloom projects. This, as well as in the dyeing process. All the dyed Handloom fabrics are naturally dyed, using no chemical dyes or mordents in the process. Which we think is pretty much on par to organic cotton!

Some food for thought:
Whats worse for the earth, the water systems & our bodies?

The chemicals run off from the chemicals used in fibre production of the highly toxic run-off from the conventional dying process?

The debate is one that is ongoing…

Here is our GOTS Certificate


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