CMT Services

PhotoGanic works alongside The Sewing Cafe, an exceptional sewing initiative based in Masiphemele Cape Town, South Africa. The cafe offers small to medium size garment & accessories manufacturing, with everything from Pattern Making, Sampling, Grading and Design Consultation. Pair this with our sustainable fabrics and you have yourself a recipe from seed to garment. Founded & run by Fashion Designer (Min Clothing) in 2008, Athene Knemeyer, who, together with her amazing team, have years of experience, creating with the our Sustainable Fabric Range. Athene is a wife, a mother of 2, and has funk and style and a heart of pure gold !

The Sewing Cafe’s main focus is skills training, with an aim for further expansion. The skills training programs are offered free of charge to unemployed and unskilled members of the community, enabling students to go on and join the job market or start small businesses. We are really happy to be partnered with an initiative that delivers such quality, professional services, better still we are happy to work hand in hand with such great people, real people, with real lives who are part of the Fashion Revolution, supporting people, building communities, and standing string to their ethical values and passion for peace.

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