Current status : Island Life

Some of you may know… but a little itch needed to be scratched mid-last year and Victoria, founder of PhotoGanic decided it was time to hop on her proverbial horse, and head… well… out to sea, to live the ‘dream’ on an island. Well not quite, but a few projects called her out there, and so marching (swimming, jokes, she flew there #obvs) forth she went, with head held high and heart held strong.

Current status of Victoria: Happy and settling in nicely to the island of Mauritius. 

However, this is not a personal diary entry, so lets cut to the nitty gritty about what you guys are really here for! 

Current status of PhotoGanic Organic Fabrics: (Also) Happy. Still running (Yes! Fist pump. But that’s obvious). The Cape Town studio is closed (boo!), but all dispatches take place out of our Cape Town depot (so its basically the same, just no personal chatty time with V and delicious coffee (sad face).

What about Printing! You ask? 

Everything else: Sampling, Printing and as mentioned (just so you are extra clear) Fabric availability and delivery will run as normal from our suppliers and despatch in Cape Town.

You are probably freaking out about the studio being closed hey? Thinking, what about the touchy feely side of things, because we all know you neeeed to feel the fabrics?! 

Well – Fear not: You are able to order a swatch pack of our full range of fabrics (which means you have them to your self to cuddle with all day (and night, if you lonely), which also means there is no separation anxiety when leaving the studio (happy face) )

Here is a little pic to entice you:  (See our price list page for more info)

So there you have it. Current status update complete.

For now:
OVER & OUT (with the admin side of things – way, way more exciting things to follow (Phew!)