We are living in the digital-age.
We are online.
We do not have a brick and mortar studio available for clients to visit us at and look at our fabrics however our fabrics are available to view in LIBRARIES globally.
Please see this page for further details on how to view fabrics.

Please see our Fabric Care page for all you need to know regarding caring for your fabrics

Please peruse our website, where all information of our products & services required for a seamless user experience, is available.
All orders are handled via the online ordering forms.
Please note that any orders not received through these channels will not be processed.


1. What does MOQ mean?
Minimum Order Quantity.


2. When do MOQ’s apply?
If a fabric is in stock, an MOQ of 20m applies to most of our fabrics. See Price Lists for details.


3.What shades are available?
All fabrics are available in Natural and some are available in a range of colours. See Price Lists for details. (please scroll right to the bottom of page for colour chart)


4. What fabrics can you source for the customer?
We are able to source and supply specified certified organic fabrics. We have a range of global certified projects, farms, mills & manufacturers with whom we are partners, ranging from the areas of India, Africa, & the sub-continental islands. Depending on your request we select the best option and supply you with up to date quotes.


5. How long will it take my order to get to me? 


Allow 3 days for packing prior to sending (once payment has been received)

Plus + Depending on courier choice:
LOCAL: Overnight  OR 4-6 working days
INTERNATIONAL: 10-14 working days

*Please note this is STOCK DEPENDENT


Allow 3 days for fabric roll off prior to sending (once full payment has been received)

Plus + Printing : 7-14 working days

Plus + Depending on courier choice:
LOCAL: Overnight  OR 4-6 working days
INTERNATIONAL: 10-14 working days

*Please note this is STOCK DEPENDENT


Please refer to details below in no. 8

8. Do you offer CMT services?
PhotoGanic partners with a wonderful sewing initiative in Cape Town, South Africa whose main focus is skill training. The skills training operates free of charge to unemployed and unskilled members of the community, and then enables students to go on and join the job market or start small businesses. Through this partnership we offer a CMT service for FASHION & HOME DECOR PRODUCTS, including: pattern making, sampling, grading & production runs, using our range of SUSTAINABLE FABRICS. We will oversee the entire process from conceptualisation phase through to end of product production, for small – med sized runs.
See more here


10. What is the MOQ for garments & products in CMT service?
40 units per style


11. What do I need to supply to have a garment / product range made up?
You need to supply us with a sample/ technical drawing and a detailed spec sheet (including all trims and labelling details). We can source the trims for you, and design and produce labels, at an addition fee.


12. What do I need to supply to have a bedding range made up?
You need to supply us with a sample or technical drawing of the item. Full size & layout of each item as well as seam-allowance details.


13. How much does it cost to have a garment / product manufactured?
We will need to quote per individual design, but please see our general set up fee price guideline below.


As mentioned this is a skills training facility and patience is needed when working on projects with us. We can guarantee brilliant work, however TIME & PATIENCE is needed when it comes to completion of production runs. We realise that most order are due ‘yesterday’ however we need AT LEAST 4- 6 weeks from sign off of samples to complete your order.

A rough guideline on TIMING:

Sampling (creating the first sample) : Clients must allow at least 2 weeks from receipt of payment

Pattern making: Clients must allow at least 7 working days from date of sign-off on sample

Grading: Clients must allow at least 2 weeks from date of confirmation of final pattern

Production: Clients must allow at least 4-6 weeks from date of receipt of final graded patterns.

Average TIME NEEDED from start to finish, (*excluding initial design consultancy  & fabric finalisation for designs) = at least 8 weeks

*design consultancy refers to PhotoGanic dealing withs clients based on their enquiry, quoting clients on items needed, recommendation of fabric to be for the designs / confirmation of stock of fabric, recommendation of trims and labels. (please note all this takes time too)

(Set up costs are once off costs applicable per style)

(please note all prices are estimates to work from as a rough guideline. Actual prices will be confirmed upon seeing and understanding the product in question) 

Basic item (eg T-shirt)  approx R650
Medium item approx R650
Complex item  approx R900

PRICE FOR GRADING  per size  R150,00

MARKER / RATING  per size  R120,00 (ie. SMALL is one size ; MEDIUM is one size ; LARGE is one size. So the approx price to grade up 3 sizes = R360)

PRODUCTION cost per unit  We will need to quote per individual design

MOQ 40 unit per style across sizes

We only work with our range of SUSTAINABLE FABRICS which (depending on order quantity) will be charged at Wholesale / Bulk prices per meter. Please see Price Lists for more details.
Please note we only deal with certain items, and decision will be made based on a visual presentation (in the form of an image / technical drawing sent via email) of the product in question. 


PhotoGanic specialises in small- large run digital printing.

We are able to print any digital image you supply onto all of our fabrics.
We have a range of our own digitally printed fabrics for sale. See PhotoGanic Printed Fabric here

High Resolution artwork is  required (Minimum 100dpi, however for best quality, 300dpi or more are best)
Artwork is required in the form of a  JPEG ; PSD ; PDF ; TIFF file
An artwork set up fee is charged PER digital design

Please see all further details on Eco-digital Printing Services here
Please take note of Digital SET UP COST
A sample print (crop size) is available upon request. Please note this adds 3 working days to speculated delivery time.

16. What do the price brackets / different price columns seen the price lists mean?  (RETAIL | WHOLESALE | BULK) 

  • When you buy between 5-19m, you will pay the RETAIL price PER METER
  • When you buy between 20-90m, you will pay the WHOLESALE price PER METER
  • When you buy between 90-200m, you will pay the BULK price PER METER

*Please note that prices stated in the applicable columns on the price list are PER METER

17. How can I COLLABORATE with PhotoGanic? 

We have 2 forms of collaboration:


i. When working on a PhotoGanic PRODUCT COLLABORATION, collaborative clients will receive our preferential prices.
This means that if 5-19m of fabric is needed for the design, this fabric will be charged at our Wholesale price (instead of the retail price). The same method applies if between 20-90m of fabric is needed for the design, this fabric will be charged at our Bulk we price (instead of the wholesale price).

You, as the Product Designer will be expected to:
1. Advertise that the fabrics have been supplied by PhotoGanic (and if any digital printing / manufacture / design has been done on our part) then this is also mentioned, or
2. Place our GOTS certified PhotoGanic swing tag on your items
3. Advertise the use of the PhotoGanic | Organic Fabrics process on website, social media etc

We, as PhotoGanic will be expected to:
1. Advertise all the collaborative designs on the PRODUCTS &  COLLABORATION section of our website.

2. Market and advertise your products via our social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook)

We have a lot of global traffic to the site offering a great opportunity for marketing your products while your brand grows, we also gain equally from the exposure on your side, and most importantly the word about sustainable fabrics, fashion & lifestyle spreads ever further and wider!

PhotoGanic will create a fabric collection using your artwork, printed onto a chosen range of our base fabrics, combine these with plain/ naturals and dyed fabrics and sell the story to the public. We create the swatch pack for distribution to customers and handle all orders.

Upon orders of the printed fabric, you will receive a commission based on an individual agreement we formulate between us.

We would like the image rights to be reserved for PhotoGanic where possible, however we do realise this is a big ask, and we are happy to find an arrangement that works for
everyone moving forward.

Our fabrics are showcased in fabric libraries inCape Town (new location coming soon), London, Copenhagen & Mauritius, we are represented each year at the London Textile Fair, Future Fabrics Expo, and European Fashion Weeks. We have a global client reach, and some great clients, including the likes of Edun America’s & Stella McCartney & One & Only Hotels & Resorts through our long standing online presence and social media activity, as well as special relationships with our certified sustainable fabric suppliers globally.

The decision to move forward in this way will be based on a presentation of your product / ideas

18. Where is PhotoGanic based?
Our home-base studio is in Mauritius.
When not in studio, we operate on the move (from anywhere and everywhere) using WiFi & our laptops  & mobile phones.
Our (longstanding) fabric suppliers/ factories are spread all over the globe (See number 19)
Our fabrics are all despatched from Cape Town, South Africa (ie. all prices listed are ex Cape Town)
Our swatch packs are despatched from Cape Town, South Africa
Our printing facility & print-tech team is in Cape Town, South Africa
Our CMT partner & CMT team is in Cape Town, South Africa
Our fabrics are showcased in fabric libraries in Cape Town (new location coming soon), London, Copenhagen & Mauritius
We live in the digital-age.
We are an online business.
All information required for a seamless user experience is available on our website

19. Where do our fabrics come from?
Our certified supply plants are dotted around the globe. We hold close & longstanding relationships with all our supply partners and endeavour to constantly build on our offerings through ongoing investigation of both our current suppliers as well as always looking for new and exciting projects & partnerships.
To name a few countries of origin: