Hi! We’re Back.

Hello!!  & Welcome (back) to the PhotoGanic Organic Fabrics Blog!
(or maybe its you who should be welcoming us back, or should we be welcoming ourselves back? Oh man, its getting confusing. BUT, all we know is that WE ARE BACK. Back and ready to continue filling you in on everything COOL, everything FUN – a.k.a everything ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE about fabrics and products that you need know : ) )

We are very sorry for such a long period of radio silence, but duty called in many different places, so we put our little info blog aside to rest for a while, while we got our hands dirty doing all sorts of exciting things. (Which we will obviously be sharing with you 🙂

We have some wonderful & interesting stories to share with you, so stay tuned for more.

Thanks again for your patience, and ….